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  • A Note From the Dapper Dans
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Oct 28 2021

    The excitement level is high as the entire chorus prepares for our first full show in two years.
    Leads, tenors, basses and baritones each practice their parts.  The Show Committee is busy
    with making arrangements for our guest performers and getting posters and yes the website
    ready for the big event. Not to mention our Director who has been working feverishly polishing
    each song during our rehearsals.  And finally there is the ticket guy waiting with both great
    anticipation and trepidation for the orders to start coming in. WE HOPE!

    All this to ensure that you, our audience, gets the best show we can deliver.  Barbershop is
    our passion and we want to share that passion with you. 

    So join us on November 21st with your families and friends as we push back against the gloom
    of the past 20 months and sing for you the music we love.

    The Dapper Dans
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